HTDZ HB-350d Table Top Delegate Unit Conference System

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Key Features:

• Delegate Unit

• Frequency response: 40Hz-16kHz

• Sensitivity: -40 dB±2dB

• Reference speech distance: 15-50cm

• Microphone equipped with 1.5MM 8P cable


The HTDZ HB-350d Table Top Delegate Unit is an integral component of a conference system designed to facilitate clear and organized communication during meetings, conferences, and other collaborative sessions. This delegate unit provides participants with a designated interface for speaking, listening, and participating in discussions, contributing to the efficiency and professionalism of the overall conference system. Here’s a detailed description of the HTDZ HB-350d Table Top Delegate Unit Conference System:

HTDZ HB-350d Table Top Delegate Unit Conference System:

1. Ergonomic Design:

  • The HB-350d features an ergonomic and user-friendly design, providing a comfortable interface for conference participants. The table-top design ensures easy access to essential controls and facilitates a seamless communication experience.

2. Delegate Microphone:

  • Equipped with a built-in microphone, the delegate unit allows conference participants to express their opinions, share insights, and actively engage in discussions. The microphone is designed to capture clear and intelligible speech, ensuring effective communication.

3. Touch-Sensitive Controls:

  • The unit typically includes touch-sensitive controls for microphone activation and adjustment of settings. The touch-sensitive interface adds a modern and intuitive element to the delegate unit, allowing users to easily manage their audio input.

4. Built-In Speaker:

  • The inclusion of a built-in speaker ensures that participants can clearly hear the proceedings and the contributions of other speakers. The speaker is designed for high-quality audio reproduction, enhancing the overall communication experience.

5. Individual Volume Control:

  • Individual volume control allows users to adjust the speaker volume to their preference. This feature ensures that participants can set their preferred listening level, promoting a comfortable and personalized conference experience.

6. Priority and Request-to-Talk Functionality:

  • Some delegate units, including the HB-350d, may feature priority and request-to-talk functionality. Priority allows designated speakers to take precedence in the discussion, while request-to-talk signals the desire to speak, adding structure to the conversation.

7. Headphone Jack:

  • The presence of a headphone jack allows participants to use headphones for private listening. This feature is useful in scenarios where participants may require additional privacy or when translation services are provided.

8. LED Indicators:

  • LED indicators on the delegate unit provide visual feedback, indicating the status of the microphone (active or muted) and the speaker. Clear visual cues help participants manage their interaction and understand the current state of the conference system.

9. Daisy-Chaining Capability:

  • Some delegate units may have daisy-chaining capability, enabling multiple units to be interconnected. This feature simplifies the cabling setup and facilitates the integration of a larger number of delegate units for more extensive conferences.

10. Integration with Central Control Unit: – The HB-350d delegate unit is typically designed to integrate seamlessly with a central control unit in the conference system. This central control unit manages microphone activation, prioritization, and overall system control.

11. High-Quality Materials: – Constructed with high-quality materials, the delegate unit is durable and designed to withstand regular use in conference settings. The robust build ensures longevity and reliability.

12. Ideal for Boardrooms and Conference Rooms: – The HB-350d Table Top Delegate Unit is ideal for use in boardrooms, conference rooms, and meeting spaces where structured communication and effective collaboration are essential.

In summary, the HTDZ HB-350d Table Top Delegate Unit is a key component in a conference system, offering a convenient and efficient platform for participants to contribute to discussions. Its ergonomic design, microphone functionality, touch-sensitive controls, and integration capabilities make it a valuable tool for enhancing communication in professional settings. For precise details on specifications and usage, it’s recommended to refer to the product documentation provided by the manufacturer.

Frequency Response 40Hz~16kHz
Sensitivity -42dB ±2dB
Length of gooseneck 390mm
Reference speaking distance 15-50cm
Audio Output Built-in 1W 8Ω Speaker & External Headphone Jack
Dimension 168(H)×145(W)×60(D)mm
Net Weight 0.7 Kg
Power The unit is powered by the system host.
Switch With Speaking Button & indicator light, Can Freely Control the Speaking Status
Connection 8P-DIN socket for system “T” connection, and can be customized according to the actual situation of the venue
Sensitivity -42dB ±2dB
Length of gooseneck 390mm


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