HTDZ Conference System Main Unit HT-3000

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Key Features:

• It is equipped with four groups of 8P-D IN interfaces for system connecting

• The main unit of the discussion conference system has a built-in monitor loudspeaker

• It offers system support 112/3/51 free mode

• 1 pcs 13m main cable with SPIN plugs

•  8 PIN sockets for system connection


The HTDZ Conference System Main Unit HT-3000 is a sophisticated and versatile audio processing device designed to facilitate clear and efficient communication in conference rooms, boardrooms, and meeting spaces. This main unit serves as the central hub for managing various audio inputs and outputs, ensuring seamless communication during conferences, seminars, and other collaborative events. Here’s a detailed description of the HTDZ Conference System Main Unit HT-3000:

HTDZ Conference System Main Unit HT-3000:

1. Central Hub for Audio Management:

  • The HT-3000 functions as the central hub for audio management in conference environments. It is designed to integrate and control multiple audio sources, including microphones, speakers, and external audio devices.

2. Modular Design:

  • The modular design of the HT-3000 allows users to customize the conference system based on the specific requirements of the venue. The main unit can be expanded with additional modules to accommodate more microphones and accessories as needed.

3. Advanced Microphone Management:

  • The HT-3000 supports advanced microphone management, allowing users to control and configure various microphone types, including delegate microphones and chairman units. This ensures that participants can be heard clearly during discussions.

4. Built-in DSP Processing:

  • The main unit is equipped with Digital Signal Processing (DSP) capabilities, providing advanced audio processing for echo cancellation, noise reduction, and feedback suppression. This enhances the overall audio quality and intelligibility of the conference.

5. Automatic Microphone Activation:

  • The HT-3000 features automatic microphone activation based on a delegate request or speaking priority. This intelligent functionality ensures that only the designated speaker’s microphone is active, preventing background noise and maintaining a focused discussion.

6. Voting and Interpretation Functions:

  • The HTDZ HT-3000 may include additional features such as voting and interpretation functions. This allows conference participants to vote on resolutions, and interpretation channels can be provided for multilingual conferences.

7. Centralized Control Panel:

  • The main unit is typically accompanied by a centralized control panel that allows conference moderators or administrators to manage various aspects of the conference system, including microphone activation, volume control, and system configuration.

8. Flexible Audio Routing:

  • The HT-3000 offers flexible audio routing capabilities, enabling users to route audio signals to different zones or recording devices. This flexibility ensures that audio can be directed where it is needed, enhancing the overall adaptability of the conference system.

9. Expandable System:

  • The HT-3000 is designed to be an expandable system, allowing users to scale up the conference setup based on the size of the venue and the number of participants. Additional microphone units, interpreter consoles, and other accessories can be easily integrated into the system.

10. Integrated Recording Options: – Some configurations of the HT-3000 may include integrated recording options, allowing users to capture and archive conference proceedings. This is valuable for documentation, analysis, and review purposes.

11. Connectivity Options: – The main unit provides various connectivity options, including XLR and RJ45 connectors, to interface with microphones, speakers, and external audio equipment. This ensures compatibility with a wide range of audio devices.

12. User-Friendly Interface: – The HTDZ Conference System Main Unit HT-3000 is designed with a user-friendly interface, making it easy for conference moderators and administrators to operate and configure the system efficiently.

In summary, the HTDZ Conference System Main Unit HT-3000 is a comprehensive solution for managing audio in professional conference settings. Its advanced features, modular design, and flexible functionality make it an ideal choice for ensuring clear and effective communication during various collaborative events. For precise details on specifications and usage, it’s recommended to refer to the product documentation provided by the manufacturer.

Function Specification
Power Supply AC 110V/240V, 50Hz~60Hz
Consumption Rating 450W
T.H.D. <0.05%
S/N >75dB
Frequency Response 100Hz-18KHz
Digital Display Yes
Color Black
N.W 9.3 Kg
Audio Output RCA×4, 6.33mm×1
Audio Input Φ6.3×2
System Connection 8-Pin DIN×4
System Support 1/2/3/5/Free Mode
Connection 1 pc 13m Main Cable With 8 Pin
Installation Fixable & Movable
Volume Processor Built-In
Dimension 480×360×85mm (19”/2U)


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