CMX DU-50 PA 100V Driver Unit (15W-30W-50W)

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Key Features:

• Model: DU-50

• Transformer Tap: 15W-30W-50W

• Frequency Response: 300-6kHz

• SPL(1W/1m): 107dB

• Waterproof Rate: IP66


The CMX DU-50 PA 100V Driver Unit is a versatile audio component designed for Public Address (PA) systems, commonly used in commercial and public spaces. This unit is specifically engineered to provide power amplification and distribution in 100-volt audio systems. Here’s a description highlighting the key features and functionalities of the CMX DU-50:

CMX DU-50 PA 100V Driver Unit:

1. Power Amplification:

  • The DU-50 is a power amplifier unit capable of delivering audio signals at varying power levels. With selectable power settings of 15W, 30W, and 50W, this driver unit allows flexibility in configuring the sound output according to the requirements of the specific audio setup.

2. 100V Line Transformer:

  • The inclusion of a 100-volt line transformer is a defining feature of this unit. In a 100V audio distribution system, the transformer allows for the transmission of audio signals over long distances with minimal signal loss. It also enables the connection of multiple speakers in a daisy-chain configuration.

3. Versatile Power Settings:

  • The selectable power settings (15W, 30W, 50W) make the DU-50 suitable for a range of applications. Whether used in small retail stores, large public spaces, or outdoor venues, the unit accommodates various audio requirements.

4. Input and Output Connectivity:

  • The DU-50 typically provides multiple input and output terminals for connecting audio sources and speakers. These connections may include input terminals for connecting to mixers, audio sources, or other devices, as well as output terminals for linking to speakers within the 100V system.

5. Efficient Heat Dissipation:

  • Efficient heat dissipation mechanisms are likely integrated into the design to ensure the unit remains cool during prolonged use. This is crucial for maintaining optimal performance and longevity.

6. Rack-Mountable Design:

  • The DU-50 may feature a rack-mountable design, allowing for easy integration into standard equipment racks. This design facilitates neat and organized installations in audio setups.

7. Durable Construction:

  • Constructed with durability in mind, the DU-50 is likely built with high-quality materials to withstand the demands of professional use. Its robust construction ensures reliability in various environments.

8. Protection Circuitry:

  • To safeguard the unit and connected equipment, the DU-50 may incorporate protection circuitry. This can include overload protection, short-circuit protection, and other safety features.

9. LED Indicators:

  • LED indicators on the unit provide visual cues regarding the operational status. These indicators may include power status, signal presence, and potentially fault indicators for quick diagnostics.

10. PA System Integration: – The DU-50 seamlessly integrates into PA systems commonly found in environments such as shopping malls, airports, educational institutions, and public venues. Its compatibility with 100V line systems makes it an essential component in distributed audio setups.

In summary, the CMX DU-50 PA 100V Driver Unit is a reliable and versatile amplifier designed for 100V audio distribution systems. With selectable power settings, efficient heat dissipation, and a durable build, it caters to the diverse needs of PA applications in various settings. For precise details and installation guidelines, it’s recommended to refer to the product documentation provided by the manufacturer.

Main Features
Output Power 15W-30W-50W
Signal/noise ratio 107dB
Frequency response 300-6kHz
Others Waterproof Rate: IP66
Working Temp: -30℃ to 70℃
Material: Aluminum bobbin and ABS flange in grey RAL7042
Throat Coupling: Universal 1-3/8”
Physical Spec
Dimension 138(D)×145(H)mm
Manufacturing Warranty 1 year


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