HTDZ HT-81A Professional Shotgun Microphone

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Key Features:

• Model: HT-81A

• Polar Pattern: Unidirectional / Ultra Unidirectional

• Output Impedance (Ohm): 75 – Balanced

• Sensitivity (±2dB): NORMAL -45dB, TELE -38dB

• Mic Length (Mm): 360mm


The HTDZ HT-81A Professional Shotgun Microphone is a high-quality audio capture device designed for professional applications such as filmmaking, video production, broadcasting, and other audio recording scenarios. Known for its directional sensitivity and exceptional sound quality, this shotgun microphone is a valuable tool for capturing focused and clear audio in diverse settings.

Key Features:

  1. Shotgun Design:
    • The HTDZ HT-81A features a shotgun microphone design, characterized by its highly directional pickup pattern. This design allows the microphone to capture audio from a specific direction while minimizing sound from the sides and rear, making it ideal for isolating a sound source.
  2. High Sensitivity and Low Self-Noise:
    • With high sensitivity, the microphone can capture nuanced audio details even in quiet environments. Low self-noise ensures that the microphone itself does not introduce unwanted background noise to the recording.
  3. Professional-Grade Construction:
    • Built with professional users in mind, the HT-81A is constructed using durable materials that withstand the demands of regular use in various shooting conditions. Its robust build contributes to longevity and reliability.
  4. Super-Cardioid Polar Pattern:
    • The super-cardioid polar pattern enhances the microphone’s directionality, focusing on sound sources directly in front of it while minimizing noise from the sides and rear. This pattern is well-suited for capturing audio in challenging environments.
  5. Wide Frequency Response:
    • The wide frequency response of the HT-81A ensures that it can faithfully reproduce a broad range of frequencies, capturing both low and high tones with clarity. This makes it suitable for recording diverse sound sources.
  6. Built-In Low-Cut Filter:
    • The inclusion of a built-in low-cut filter allows users to reduce low-frequency ambient noise such as wind or traffic, providing cleaner audio recordings.
  7. Shock Mounting System:
    • The shock mounting system minimizes handling noise and vibrations, ensuring that unwanted sounds caused by movement or handling of the microphone are significantly reduced.
  8. Phantom Power Operation:
    • The HT-81A may require phantom power for operation, which is commonly provided by professional audio equipment such as mixers, audio interfaces, or cameras with XLR inputs.
  9. Versatile Mounting Options:
    • The microphone is designed to be mounted on boom poles, microphone stands, or directly on cameras, offering flexibility in various recording setups.
  10. Ideal for Outdoor and Indoor Use:
    • Suited for both outdoor and indoor recording, the HTDZ HT-81A excels in capturing audio in diverse environments, making it a versatile choice for videographers, filmmakers, and broadcasters.
  11. Comprehensive Kit:
    • Some versions of the HT-81A may come with a comprehensive kit, including a foam windscreen, shock mount, carrying case, and other accessories, enhancing its usability and protection during storage and transport.
  12. Professional Audio Production:
    • Whether capturing dialogue in film, interviews, or recording ambient sounds for documentaries, the HTDZ HT-81A is engineered for professional audio production, delivering clear and precise results.

In summary, the HTDZ HT-81A Professional Shotgun Microphone is a powerful and directional audio capture tool designed for professional users in the film, video, and broadcasting industries. Its shotgun design, super-cardioid polar pattern, and advanced features make it a reliable choice for capturing high-quality audio in a range of applications.

Model HT-81A
Capsule Type Electret Condenser
Polar Pattern Unidirectional / Ultra Unidirectional
Output Impedance (Ohm) 75 – Balanced
Sensitivity (±2dB) NORMAL -45dB, TELE -38dB
Power Supply DC 1.5 Volt AA Battery / 48 Volt Phantom Power
Mic Length (Mm)  360mm
Weight 120g
Diameter 21mm


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