CMX WM-U200C Wireless Microphone System (1 Hand+1 Tie+1 Head )

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Key Features:

• Brand: CMX

• Model: WM-U200C

• Origin: China

• Microphone: 1 Hand + 1 Tie + 1 Head or 2 Hand


The CMX WM-U200C Wireless Microphone System is a comprehensive audio solution designed to provide clear and flexible wireless communication in various settings, including presentations, performances, conferences, and more. The system typically includes a combination of handheld, tie-clip, and headset microphones to accommodate different preferences and applications. Here’s a description highlighting key features of the CMX WM-U200C:

CMX WM-U200C Wireless Microphone System (1 Hand + 1 Tie + 1 Head):

1. Comprehensive Microphone Set:

  • The WM-U200C system comes complete with a versatile set of microphones, including one handheld microphone for dynamic presentations, one tie-clip microphone for hands-free convenience, and one headset microphone for mobility during performances or presentations.

2. Wireless Technology:

  • The system operates on wireless technology, eliminating the need for cumbersome cables. This provides users with the freedom to move around the stage or venue without being restricted by wired connections.

3. High-Quality Audio Transmission:

  • Engineered to deliver high-quality audio transmission, the WM-U200C ensures clear and natural sound reproduction. This is essential for maintaining the integrity of spoken words or musical performances.

4. Handheld Microphone:

  • The handheld microphone is suitable for presenters, speakers, or performers who prefer a traditional microphone. It offers a comfortable grip and allows for dynamic interaction with the audience.

5. Tie-Clip Microphone:

  • The tie-clip microphone, also known as a lavalier microphone, provides hands-free operation, making it ideal for speakers, lecturers, or performers who need to move freely while maintaining clear audio transmission.

6. Headset Microphone:

  • The headset microphone is designed for performers and presenters who require even greater mobility. It allows for hands-free operation, making it suitable for dynamic presentations or performances.

7. UHF Frequency Band:

  • The system may operate in the UHF (Ultra High Frequency) band, providing a stable and reliable wireless connection. This helps minimize interference and ensures consistent audio performance.

8. Multiple Channels:

  • The WM-U200C system typically offers multiple channels, allowing users to select the best available frequency for optimal performance. This feature is beneficial in crowded RF environments.

9. Easy Setup and Operation:

  • The wireless microphone system is designed for easy setup and intuitive operation. Users can quickly connect the microphones to the receiver unit, select channels, and start using the system without extensive technical expertise.

10. LCD Display: – The receiver unit may feature an LCD display that provides essential information, including channel status, battery levels, and signal strength. This visual feedback enhances user control and monitoring.

11. Long Battery Life: – The microphones are equipped with long-lasting batteries, ensuring extended use without interruptions. This is particularly important for events or presentations that demand sustained microphone operation.

12. Durable Construction: – The microphones are typically constructed with durability in mind, capable of withstanding the rigors of regular use in professional settings.

13. Carrying Case: – Some WM-U200C systems may come with a carrying case, facilitating easy transport and storage of the microphones and receiver unit.

In summary, the CMX WM-U200C Wireless Microphone System (1 Hand + 1 Tie + 1 Head) is a versatile and user-friendly audio solution that caters to the diverse needs of presenters, speakers, and performers. Its combination of handheld, tie-clip, and headset microphones, along with wireless technology, ensures flexibility and exceptional audio quality in various applications. For precise details and setup instructions, it’s recommended to refer to the product documentation provided by the manufacturer.

Frequency Range  640-690Mhz
Receive Mode  The secondary variable frequency wireless
Receive sensitivity  <108dBm
Frequency Response  30-18KHz
Signal noise ratio  >85dB
Harmonic Distortion  <0.5%
Dynamic Range  >100dB
Delay  <3ms
Output  A & B balanced XLR outputs & mixed 6.3mm jack output
Antenna plug  2TNC 50Ω
Input power supply  External power adapter
Receive distance  >60M



Frequency Range  640-690Mhz
Transmit Mode  Micro power wireless
Channel  200
Input power  <10mW
Frequency Response  30-18KHz
Signal noise ratio  >85dB
Harmonic Distortion  <0.5%
Frequency error  <15ppm
Frequency Stability  ≤±0.002%
Modulation Mode  FM
Working current  100-120mA
Antenna  Sheltered antenna, impedance
Power  1.5V AA × 2
Power consumption  about 120 mA


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