CMX UHF-300MC Wireless Master Controller With Recording

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The CMX UHF-300MC Wireless Master Controller with Recording is an advanced and versatile device designed to enhance the functionality of CMX UHF radio communication systems. Tailored for the UHF-300 series, this wireless master controller serves as a central hub for managing multiple UHF radios and provides additional features such as recording capabilities. Here’s a detailed description of the CMX UHF-300MC Wireless Master Controller:

CMX UHF-300MC Wireless Master Controller with Recording:

1. Centralized Radio Management:

  • The UHF-300MC serves as a centralized control unit for managing multiple CMX UHF radios within the communication system. This centralization streamlines operations and ensures efficient coordination of radio communication.

2. Wireless Connectivity:

  • Featuring wireless connectivity, the master controller eliminates the need for physical cables, offering flexibility in the placement of the controller within the communication network. This wireless capability enhances the ease of installation and configuration.

3. Recording Functionality:

  • One of the standout features of the UHF-300MC is its recording functionality. The controller is equipped to record communications transmitted through the connected UHF radios. This recording capability is valuable for documentation, review, and compliance purposes.

4. Intuitive Interface:

  • The master controller is designed with an intuitive interface, making it user-friendly for operators and administrators. The controls and display facilitate easy navigation, configuration, and monitoring of the UHF communication system.

5. Multi-Channel Support:

  • The UHF-300MC supports multiple channels, allowing users to manage communication across different channels seamlessly. This is particularly beneficial in scenarios where simultaneous communication on various channels is required.

6. Enhanced Security Features:

  • Security features are integrated into the master controller to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of communication. These features may include encryption protocols and access controls, enhancing the overall security of the communication network.

7. Dynamic Grouping:

  • The UHF-300MC enables dynamic grouping of radios, allowing operators to organize and manage radios based on specific criteria. This grouping feature enhances operational efficiency by simplifying the management of communication resources.

8. Voice Announcements:

  • To enhance user experience, the master controller may feature voice announcements for important events or alerts. This auditory feedback provides operators with real-time information without having to visually check the display.

9. LCD Display:

  • Equipped with an LCD display, the UHF-300MC provides a clear and concise visual interface for users to monitor and configure settings. The display may show essential information such as channel status, battery levels, and system alerts.

10. Durable Construction: – Built with durability in mind, the master controller features a robust construction to withstand regular use in various environments. This ensures a reliable and long-lasting solution for managing UHF radio communication.

11. Compatibility with UHF-300 Series: – The UHF-300MC is specifically designed for compatibility with the CMX UHF-300 series of radios. This ensures seamless integration and optimal performance within the CMX UHF communication ecosystem.

12. Essential for Mission-Critical Applications: – Suited for mission-critical applications such as public safety, emergency response, and security operations, the UHF-300MC plays a crucial role in maintaining effective and reliable communication in critical situations.

In summary, the CMX UHF-300MC Wireless Master Controller with Recording is a sophisticated and indispensable component of the CMX UHF communication system. Its centralized control, wireless connectivity, recording capabilities, and advanced features make it an essential tool for managing and optimizing UHF radio communication in various professional settings. Users are advised to refer to the product documentation provided by CMX for precise details on specifications and usage.


CMX UHF-300MC (UHF Wireless Conference System Master Controller With Recording)

Model CMX UHF-300MC
Description UHF Wireless Conference System Master Controller with Recording
Audio Transmission Way UHF wireless one way transmission by oscillation PLL technology
Channel Qty 5 channels (one for chairman Mic and four for delegate Mics)
Frequency Range 740MHz-790MHz @ ±10PPM stability
Modulation Mode FM
Receive Sensitivity – 100dBM
Output Level Balanced XLR output 0-600mV, unbalanced Jack output: 0-300mV
Frequency Response 60Hz-16KHz
S N Ratio  >105dB
THD <0.5%
Communication Distance 300 meters
Control Transmission Way UHF wireless two way transmission
Channel Qty 16
Frequency Range 740MHz-790MHz
Modulation Mode FSK
Receive Sensitivity -100dBM
Transmitted Power +6dBm (adjustable)
Frequency Deviation <0.002
Communication Rate 100KBPS
Signal Coverage 4,000 Square meters
Mechanical Power Supply DC12V-15V, ≧1A
Power Consumption < 7W
Operation Temperature -20℃ to +55℃
Dimension 485(W) x 355(D) x 100(H)mm
Weight 7.2 kg


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